In planning

Work in progress


Planned is a MY ECO TINY HOUSE semi-detached house with a floor area of 150sqm plus a terrace of 45sqm in Hamburg.
Construction is expected to start in the third quarter.


1. system blocks made of spruce wood CNC milled, for floor, wall and ceiling construction.
The system blocks are delivered ready for installation with 300 mm thick straw insulation and a diffusion-open facade membrane.
The system has an integrated rear ventilation of the facade and an integrated installation level for power and water lines.
The system results in two interconnected building types with a different height arrangement.

2. roofing with aluminum standing seam, color: anthracite

3. windows and doors (exterior) are made of wood with double glazing.
Color: brown outside and inside. 2 x entrance door with forend, 2 x patio door with forend, 2 x bedroom windows, 2 x living room windows,
downstairs 2 x skylights, 2 x bathroom windows, 4 x windows in the loft area. KVH Profi lumber made of spruce for the system composite.

4. interior facade: pine panels on the walls and ceiling.
These wooden panels are painted white, with water-based paint (breathable).
Facade panels of pine wood waterproof with facade paint or reddish pigmented stain.
Sampling follows. Lapland pine for the floor (solid wood castle floorboard) in all rooms.

5. partition walls made of 80 mm thick system blocks.
(bedroom / hallway and living room / bathroom)

6. interior doors: bedroom and bathroom are opened with a sliding door.

7. built-in wardrobe in the bathroom

8. terrace boards

9. screw foundation and double beam layer

Delivery and assembly of the described items will be carried out by MY ECO TINY HOUSE.
No cranes or heavy equipment are required on site for installation.

Optional power

  • Architektenbüro siebold/hamburg
  • Basic evaluation; preliminary planning; design planning;
  • Preparation of construction documents for the building application;
  • Supplementation of the construction documents with the results of the specialist engineers; preparation of building application; submission
    Building application in simplified procedure;
  • Processing time up to 4 months.