Ecological, sustainable, inexpensive: Tiny House


Strong price/performance ratio with

Downsizing as a trend is on the rise – and not least for economic reasons. Owning your own property gives you freedom and security, also with a view to your own pension. Owning a small property is easier to finance than a large one and leaves room for other interests and desires or simply for saving.

A classic single-family home currently quickly costs well over 250,000 euros. A Tiny House, on the other hand, can be had for as little as 40,000 euros, depending on the design and the proportion of personal contribution.

Size and equipment of a Tiny House are variable

While Tiny Houses on wheels are considered caravans or trailers and, according to legal requirements, must adhere to fixed formats (width of no more than 2.55 meters, length of 7 meters and height of no more than 4 meters) and are therefore clearly limited in living space, room design of a fixed small house can be more generous. These basic conditions result in a wide range of prices – depending on the living space and equipment.

For MY ECO TINY HOUSE expect an average of € 3,500 / m².

Priceless quality of life for the same price

The advantages of having your own small house, perhaps with your own garden, flowers, vegetables and fruit – over a condominium, often in a block of apartments and with a small balcony – is obvious if you can get both for the same price per m².

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Tiny House: cost saving made easy

In addition, with a MY ECO TINY HOUSE there is the possibility to save costs by building and extending the house yourself. The simple and ingenious modular construction requires no prior knowledge or craftsmanship.

The computer-milled building modules, in any size and thickness insulated with hemp or straw, fit into each other with millimeter precision. The resource-saving process allows fast and cost-effective installation even on rough terrain.

Mobile and changeable

Even though even the small houses tend to stay in one place for a long time, mobility is firmly anchored in their DNA. The smart design of MY ECO TINY HOUSES makes it easy to dismantle the house and reassemble it elsewhere without loss, even in the version without wheels. This brings enormous cost advantages compared to a ‘normal’ move, which of course involves much more effort and loss.

Sustainable and flexible

And what if you want to make it bigger? Then a MY ECO TINY HOUSE can also be modified and expanded. Nothing is torn down or disposed of, the sustainable building material wood can be used again and again – this is also what makes a MY ECO TINY HOUSE so economical.

You dream of your own 4-walls and are looking for a
sustainable alternative to low-cost housing concepts?

You want low construction costs and low running costs?

We offer a strong price-performance ratio
including fixed price guarantee and fixed date!

Kai Goebel
Managing Director MY ECO TINY HOUSE

We are Tiny House manufacturer based in Germany