Your wishes count


Flexibility and individuality are important in the
MY ECO TINY HOUSE concept firmly anchored.

New life circumstances, changes in work and health present us with new challenges in the short term. Our modular system allows them to continually adapt the ways in which they can be used: plenty of storage space or a clever layout for precious leisure time or even a luxurious interior design. You can choose freely.

And what if you want to make it bigger? Then a MY-ECO-TINY-HOUSE can also be changed and extended. Nothing is torn down or disposed of, the sustainable building material wood can be used again and again – this is also what makes a MY-ECO-TINY-HOUSE so economical.

The sophisticated modular design allows expansion, modification and also mobility / change of location at any time.

MY ECO TINY HOUSE adapts to your life

With the flexible modular system, a MY-ECO-TINY-HOUSE can become a living concept, because it can change and adapt with you: from a single household to a cozy nest for two to a family home – and back again.

No matter whether rooms are to be added, combined or reduced – MY-ECO-TINY-HOUSE makes it possible. Like a modular system, the individual elements can be assembled and also disassembled again – to be reassembled in a different place or in a different form.

Several residential units as an ensemble can be designed for generational concepts or, for example, as a senior living community. Kcombined units can accommodate the home office or guest area.

MY-ECO-TINY-HOUSE has the ingenious and simple idea of the system construction kit and perfected it for modern living concepts.

At the same time, a MY ECO-TINY HOUSE is as stable and energy-efficient as a normal house.

We are Tiny House manufacturer based in Germany