Small house – great freedom


Cast off ballast frees

Letting go, freeing yourself, throwing off ballast – a wish that many have. Not least because we increasingly understand that ‘higher, faster, further’ does not make us as happy as advertising would have us believe.

Also because we understand that our life of abundance harms the environment – and thus ourselves.

Downsizing frees

Simplification of lifestyle is the basic idea when we talk about downsizing. Return to a simpler, more original life.
“We’re downsizing now” is something you hear more and more often – and more and more often, it’s associated with a plan to move into a Tiny House – a tiny home. And in fact, many Tiny House residents tell us that just by ‘leaving it out’ they feel more inner peace than before – and are happier overall.

Having your own home gives security

Whether your interior style is minimalist clean or cozy – the small shell of a Tiny House automatically conveys security and safety. If then a fire crackles in the stove, the happiness is perfect.

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Own less, live more

In fact, a small house requires little time for cleaning and tidying and leaves more time for life – relaxing, reading, listening to music, enjoying nature – whatever makes you happy. In addition to the initial cost, the running costs are also lower than for a normal house or a large apartment.

This gives you more money – for extras, travel, a sauna in the garden, or to spoil your loved ones.

A Tiny House gives you the FREEDOM to do more for yourself!

We are Tiny House manufacturer based in Germany