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Climate protection drama – Why science and protests are failing

In a current report for ARD, climate researcher Mojib Latif explains how global warming leads to extreme weather events, species extinction and social conflicts. Possible solutions for climate protection, such as renewable energies, CO2 tax, emissions trading, climate justice and system change are also explained. MY ECO TINY HOUSE supports these efforts by using sustainable materials.

Modelhaus 1080_Hygge_2

Durable and sustainable

Modern wooden homes are often more sustainable than their brick and concrete counterparts – and often prove to be as durable as they are timeless. And that’s with an average useful life for most residential structures that is a couple of decades at best. Thus, there are wooden houses, which since the 12th century. stand.
Wood also brings good insulating properties, which can be incorporated into the construction and improve the living climate in summer as well as in winter. In addition, its CO₂ balance is significantly better than that of many other building materials.


How sustainable is the construction industry? A recent study examined this. Result: Effective circular economy unfortunately remains the exception. But the issue is urgent: According to the Building and Housing Alliance, one-third of the world’s resources are consumed in the construction industry. For the construction industry, for example, this means that it would have to comply with material quotas: 15% of building materials should be reused, 15% should come from recycling and 20% should come from renewable, reused or recycled raw materials.

Source: TAZ

Bauzinsen Chart

When you invest money, the conditions are clearly displayed, for call money or time deposits. Likewise when you create a checking account. Often you can easily find banks that offer good interest rates. When you finance a property, it’s different. This is because many factors influence the interest rate. On the one hand, this is the current market interest rate, but other points are also included in the calculation:

  • Occupation
  • Credit rating
  • Residence
  • Amount of the loan
  • Equity
  • uvm.

Schleswig-Holstein could soon facilitate the settlement of Tiny Houses and thus become a pioneer in Germany!

Michel Deckmann (MdL CDU) was determined after the conversation with the Tiny House Association:
“Tiny houses are a good addition to the housing landscape in our country. They not only have tourist potential, but can also be seen as a supplement for the housing market. Therefore, we want to create the legal framework to facilitate the construction of Tiny Houses in the country. In particular, we want to examine the inclusion of an experimentation clause or even a new building type in the state building code for this purpose. This will allow us as a country to be a pioneer.”


Circular construction is considered a vision of the future for the real estate industry. The ideas here are reuse and recycling.
“The interesting thing about circular building is that you don’t think so much about how to put a building together, but rather how to take it apart again. It turns the whole planning process around because you think about the building from the back,” says architect Jörg Finkbeiner.
MY ECO TINY HOUSE supports this approach through the recyclability and reusability of our building materials used.

Source: rbb24

Siemens Tiny House

When it comes to “electrical installation”, MY ECO TINY HOUSE relies fully on safety and thus on our partner SIEMENS.
The latest product line from SIEMENS is specially optimized for Tiny Houses. This means that we also install the highest quality here, with optimum energy efficiency.


stern bericht

Our partner “Tante Enso”, with whom MY ECO TINY HOUSE cooperates very successfully in the construction of new supermarkets, has recently been reported in detail in the special “stern TV: Inside Supermarkt | Folge 1”. A worthwhile insight for anyone interested in the “Tante Enso” concept. Part 4, from approx. min 3.30.

Source: Stern TV
Photo: Star TV


In Time, architect Christoph Harney explains why straw is the building material of the future for him. In addition to sustainability and the very good ecological balance, the excellent thermal insulation plays a decisive role.
MY ECO TINY HOUSE therefore works closely with the company“Baustroh GmbH” from Verden.

Source: ZEIT Online
Photo: Pexels


In an interview with the TAZ, sustainable building expert Lamia Messari-Becker talks about the housing of the future. She explains what is involved and how this can be reconciled with affordable housing.

Source: TAZ
Photo: Enrico Santifaller/Wikipedia

Eröffnung Zella

The first 24/7 supermarket built with the MY ECO TINY HOUSE modular construction system has now opened in Thuringia. More than 500 residents have bought a share in the supermarket and can, among other things, have a say in the assortment and shop around the clock.

Source: MDR

METH innen_wohnraum

According to a study by the Tiny House Association (of which MY ECO TINY HOUSE has also recently become a member), around 750 Tiny Houses have been sold in Germany. Thus, the market share of MY ECO TINY HOUSE is already close to 1%.

Source: NTV

Tiny House Verband

In order to better serve and advise our customers, MY ECO TINY HOUSE is now not only a member of the TINY LIVING ALLIANCE, but also joined the TINY HOUSE ASSOCIATION.

Asbest Produktion s

An almost forgotten drama enters the next act. The days when buildings were filled with asbestos are history. In Europe, this highly toxic fiber has been banned for many years because asbestos kills. This has been proven. But not everywhere people stick to it. Because the marketing of this death killer is still going on.



Now there was confirmation from the highest authority in Berlin.
The German Institute for Building Technology, DIBT for short, has now confirmed a very good value of 105.7 kWh/(m2a) for the non-residential building in Dermbach, OT Zella Rhön, in the energy requirement calculation according to DIN 18599. The building is thus well below the requirement value for new buildings and thus has extremely good energy efficiency.


On Monday, the topping-out ceremony for the future “Tante Enso” store was celebrated in Zella/Rhön. Just a quarter of a year has passed since the groundbreaking ceremony.

The myEnso team had invited the partners of the future Tante Enso store Zella to the topping-out ceremony.

Source: rhö
Image: Rüdiger Christ

Bauen ohne Beton Professor Dr Jochen Stopper

Prof. Dr. Jochen Stopper from Rosenheim Technical University is an expert in energy-efficient and sustainable construction.
In episode 2 of the ÖR documentary series “Building without concrete”, he not only names the 3 big problems in building, namely waste, resources and greenhouse gas.
It also describes possible solutions. Just as they are already realized today at METH,

Gut Kaden

On August 20, the traditional golf tournament “siebold/hamburg open” will take place at the Gut Kaden Golf Club in Alveslohe, north of Hamburg. A highlight of the event will take place on the green of hole B3. There is a brand new house waiting for a new owner, sponsored by MY ECO TINY HOUSE


A swimming lake with beach and small stage for cultural events, a café/bar to unwind. On comfortable deck chairs holding the face in the sun and next to you a cool drink. Surrounded by nature and in the middle of it your own My Eco Tiny House.

On 23.05.22 there was the groundbreaking of the future “Tante Enso” store in Zella/Rhön, which MyEnso is building there together with MY ECO TINY HOUSE. Once completed, residents will be able to store there 24/7 in a sustainably constructed building.


An “Aunt Enso” store is to open in Zella/Rhön before the end of the year. Soon, it will once again be possible to buy groceries and everyday goods in the Dermbach district of Zella – around the clock, to boot.

Image: Heiko Matz

In the program “Terra X”, Prof. Harald Lesch deals with the question of how harmful concrete is as a building material and what alternatives there are.

Source: Youtube


400,000 apartments are to be built per year, socially and ecologically. Construction Minister Geywitz on high rents and her house made of wood and clay.

Source: TAZ
Image: Olaf Kosinsky (

Bad Laer News s

Almost 40 percent of global CO2 emissions are generated in the construction sector – and this with a rapidly growing world population. In the climate update from stern, GEO and RTL/ntv, presenter Maik Meuser devotes this time to the important question: “How does sustainable building work?”



The construction industry produces more than half of the waste generated in Germany. At the same time, new buildings consume scarce resources. How can we build more sustainably?

Source: ZDF